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Puzzling Poetry Schatkist

Studio Louter Puzzling poetry schatkist

Playing with words

After the success of the literary app game ‘Puzzling Poetry’, we have launched ‘Puzzling Poetry Woordenschatkist’ for children in primary education. Studio Louter and Lucas Hirsch developed the app – which is suitable for the Smart Board in the classroom – in collaboration with the Letterenfonds and the Creative Industries Fund NL. Ted van Lieshout, the Schrijverscentrale and professionals from the education sector made a creative contribution to the quality of the design.


Puzzling Poetry Woordenschatkist is an addictive game in which the world is stripped of all colours. It is up to the players to colour the world again by sliding with words and putting poems back together. Players can tackle poems of great Dutch and Belgian poets, including poetry from Annie M.G. Schmidt, Ted van Lieshout and Bart Moeyaert. Children also discover their poetry talent by making their own poems. Playfully, the game stimulates the vocabulary, creativity and reading comprehension of children.


Also, a German version of the app has been published and was presented at the Leipziger Buchmesse, the largest book fair in Germany. On the book fair website was written: ‘Puzzle-poetry, literature on recipe and illustrations to go: innovative from the Netherlands.’


Meanwhile, there is also a French version of the app in development and this will be presented in March 2019 at Livre Paris.


Download the free app (Dutch or German) suitable for smartphone or tablet in the Play Store or App Store. Download the free version for the Smart Board in the classroom here.



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