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RAAK: The exhibition maker of the 21st century


Researching visitor experiences

Studio Louter wants to affect visitors, we want to inspire them and provide new insights. We make choices that contribute to this when developing exhibitions and multimedia. However, there is surprisingly little practice-oriented scientific research with which we can substantiate those choices.


Together with the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and many other museum partners, we have therefore investigated how digital media can influence the visitor experience in the project “RAAK, the exhibition maker of the 21st century”. This research project ran from February 2017 to January 2019. The research was funded by the National Directorate for Practice-oriented Research SIA.


The research focussed on museum experience, with the main question being how exhibition makers can influence the visitor’s experience. Together with HvA students, more than 1000 interviews were conducted. Studio Louter was one of the main partners and helped set up and conduct the research, including the digital measurement of visitor experiences at Rijksmuseum Boerhaave. The first four editions of the Studio Louter Café were also devoted to the research project.


The research has since been completed and the results have been presented in a final symposium and in a corresponding book and toolkit (in Dutch) for exhibition makers. Scientific articles with all findings and conclusions are in the making and will be shared here when published.




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