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NEMO Science Museum: Life in the Universe

NEMO Science Museum

Projections take you on a journey through the universe

In October 2017, a new part of the permanent exhibition opened in NEMO: Life in the Universe. The universe is an environment of extremes: from extremely hot to unimaginably cold and from incredibly distant to very close. And humans are made of the same particles as the stars and planets. To convey this message to visitors, Studio Louter developed two eye-catching, spectacularly big projections: Space Travel and Atom Factory.


Space Travel presents a colourful and dynamic impression of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. You are taken on a spacewalk to experience the most extreme conditions in the universe, from the coldest crater to the warmest planet, and to the largest and most distant galaxies.


In the Atom Factory you will learn about the origin and recycling of atoms and discover more about yourself than you ever imagined through the help of an interactive Kinect application.



Interactive Kinect-application



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