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Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar: Van Oostsanen

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar - Van Oostsanen

A painter’s legacy on the eve of the Renaissance

‘Van Oostsanen – The first Dutch Master’ is a temporary exhibition about Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen. The exhibition on the works of this painter is spread over three places: The Amsterdam Museum, The Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar and the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk in Alkmaar. Studio Louter created the storyline and produced the multimedia and AV.


The exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar emphasises the art historical importance of the painter. An introductory film shows the (art-)historical milestones of Van Oostsanen’s era, placing his works into context even before you see the exhibitions.


The exhibition is livened up with large wall projections. Preliminary studies slowly transform into the paintings they have ultimately become. Across the room are four screens with in-depth information to explain the art-historical aspects of Van Oostsanen’s work in detail. Films, slides and hotspots exactly show what makes the works of this painter, who lived on the eve of the Renaissance, so very special.


After the exhibition, the audience is asked to comment on Van Oostsanen. What definition describes him best? Was he an innovator, mainly an entrepreneur, or more of a perfectionist perhaps?


Content of the concept

4 in-depth information screens

4 films





Opera Amsterdam


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