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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: Intro film and question corner

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - Introductiefilm

Design and the lifespan of objects

In the new Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the design department has gained a permanent exhibition hall. Studio Louter produced an introductory film for the new hall. In an almost hypnotizing rhythm, a  motley collection of images passes. The lifespan of objects is shown: from design, utilization until its last place in the museum’s depot.


An interactive question corner closes the exhibition. Visitors can ask question about various objects from the museum. Those questions are answered by curators or by the designer of the object. The result – both question and answer – is stored in the application and can be viewed by other visitors. Studio Louter produced a customized management system which enables the museum to control the content of the interactive installation.



Introductory film



Studio Ninaber


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