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The Veterans’ Day Foundation: the Story Beret


Looking through the eyes of veterans

More than 100,000 Dutch men and women can call themselves veterans. They were sent out on missions around the world and have risked their lives in the name of peace and security. The Dutch Veterans’ Day Foundation wants to augment the recognition and appreciation for veterans. And to achieve this, Studio Louter and OPERA Amsterdam are developing a travelling exhibition.


When individuals pass out of training in the armed forces, they receive a beret. This beret symbolises pride, trust and solidarity. Studio Louter and OPERA Amsterdam have taken this symbol to develop an interactive variant: the Story Beret. With this mobile installation with a panoramic screen, you enter into the minds of five veterans. You can go on a mission with Manja Blok, the first female F-16 pilot who has flown in actual operations. Or travel with Patrick Cammaert to Cambodia for his first major mission as battalion commander. With the Story Beret, you can take a glimpse of the world through their eyes and discover the value of their mission.


Interactive exhibit


Opera Amsterdam


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