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Stichting Vredeseducatie: The Building Site

Stichting Vredeseducatie - Educatieve iPad applicatie

Digital clues

Respect and peace. This is the core message of the new permanent exhibition entitled “Building site of Democracy” at the Museum Rotterdam ’40-’45 NU. Stichting Vredeseducatie developed the building site specially for primary school kids. At the exhibition they investigate how people can live together in harmony.


A digital book of clues helps the children with their investigation. Stichting Vredeseducatie asked Studio Louter to develop an iPad application for this purpose. Each child is given an iPad, on which questions appear. Most of the answers can be found in the exhibition. Ultimately, the children complete the answers themselves. At the end of the quest they all receive a certificate with their personal profile. This profile reflects their own view of peace and respect.


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