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Stoommachinemuseum: redevelopment

Header Studio Louter Stoommuseum

Land of water and steam

The Steam Engine Museum in Medemblik has the largest collection of working steam engines in the Netherlands. Together with volunteers, the steam engines are still running. To make the museum sustainable for the future, Studio Louter and OPERA Amsterdam work together on the redevelopment.


The renewed concept focuses on the unique location of the museum and allows every type of visitor to experience they are entering an adventurous land of water and steam. Here, the Industrial Revolution is brought back to life by reviving the battle against the water. In a stimulating and contemporary place, you will experience the past by getting to work with the elements of water and fire.


In the first phase of the redevelopment, the entrance of the museum will be redesigned. Here, the visitor can marvel at the number of steam engine models, while projections show how they were used in the Netherlands. An enchanting theatre of moving steam engine models, sound, projections and light ensure that the visitor gets ready for the rest of the museum.


Redevelopment in progress


OPERA Amsterdam


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