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Studio Louter: Puzzling Poetry


Puzzle your way in

Do not forget that all is poetry today

And that all poetry today is forgotten

(Nr. 35, Dolhuis, Lucas Hirsch)


Studio Louter and the poet Lucas Hirsch have developed  ‘Puzzling Poetry’, an addictive game that allows you to puzzle your way into poetry. Poetry is, after all, a word puzzle. A puzzle for the poet and a puzzle for the reader. The game places poems by a number of Dutch and Flemish poets in the play arena. The player works out the position of the words, the associations between them and the rhythm. This type of word play leads to a new, concentrated way of reading, in which the players recreate the poetry, as it were.


We conceived the app as an entry to the Open Call for Literary Games by the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Creative Industries Fund NL, and the Game Fund. These organisations had invited game developers and authors to find the point where games and literature meet. The ‘Puzzling Poetry’ game gained an enthusiastic response from the selection committee, which said: ‘Playing with words leads unexpectedly to a new,concentrated way of reading’.


This game is presented in Frankfurt as part of the ‘Guest of Honour Flanders & the Netherlands’ during the ‘Frankfurter Buchmesse’ 2016.


Download Puzzling Poetry here:

iOs: http://apple.co/2e3JU7k
Android: http://bit.ly/2eiEALL


Film: Studio Louter                                  Film: Alina Braun, the Journalistic Academy JONA


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