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Tassenmuseum Hendrikje: redecoration

Studio Louter Tassenmuseum header foto Moetwil & van Dijk

Nothing as intimate as the bag

After months of renovating, the renewed third floor of Tassenmuseum Hendrikje in Amsterdam is open to the public again. Together with OPERA Amsterdam, Studio Louter developed the audiovisual design, interactive installations and a spatial design for this new space.


With a collection of more than 5,000 bags, Museum Hendrikje is the largest handbag museum in the world. To stimulate visitors to look with a new perspective at the collection and the history of the bag, we developed the overarching concept ‘Nothing as intimate as the bag’. This concept is translated into interactive installations and AV that fully reflects the collection.
By the use of film projection, you get to experience what normally is impossible: to see what happens when you could touch the bags and have your own intimate moment with it. Through screens, you dive deeper into the stories behind the bags, their users and creators. After designing your own iconic bag, you discover what the created bag reveals about you. In this way, you experience that there is much more behind a bag than it seems at first sight.


Photography © Moetwil & van Dijk



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