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The Dutch Resistance Museum: Food in Wartime


A food timeline

Healthy eating and cooking are hot topics these days. New television programmes and cooking columns are introduced all the time and more and more alternative ‘super foods’ are becoming available. The Netherlands also had a strong focus on food during World War II. By sheer necessity, experiments were carried out with new, sometimes even self-cultivated products and recipes. The Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam brings together the food trends of today and the past. In the autumn of 2016, this large exhibition about food in wartime opens.


Studio Louter is providing the graphic design, film production and interactive elements for this exhibition. Tjep is in charge of the spatial design, which is to feature a modern environment that will resemble such popular programmes as MasterChef. We’re going to be cooking with famous Dutch chefs and together we will prepare recipes from World War II.


Temporary exhibition

Exhibition catalog/cookery book

PR material




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