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Trinity College Dublin: The Book of Kells


Surrounded by books

In the centre of Dublin, there is a university and at this university, there is a library. The library contains many treasures, and the most wonderful of all is the Book of Kells. This beautifully and elaborately decorated manuscript of the four Gospels, written by Celtic monks around the year 800, is part of Ireland’s most valuable cultural heritage.


The extraordinary book and the impressive Long Room at Trinity College Library attract a growing public each year. Together with OPERA Amsterdam, we are getting started on designing The Book of Kells exhibition. Our goal is to enhance the visitor experience by optimizing the visitor flow and by creating a new state of the art exhibition. In the future visitors will be able to marvel at the beauty of the book and the library.


Discovering the uniqueness of the Long Room

As a pilot for the redesign, we developed a number of tools to provide visitors to the Long Room with extra information. We make the overwhelming amount and beauty of the place even more meaningful by explaining to the visitor what you see. Information panels and in-depth screens reveal the hidden secrets of the age-old library. They are stories about the building, the books and the people who work and study in the library.


Part of the pilot is the evaluation and analysis of the information offered. We interview visitors and investigate click behaviour. In this way, we can ultimately create an unforgettable visitor experience that touches you.


Digital tour

Exhibition design in progress



OPERA Amsterdam


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