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Tropenmuseum: What a Genderful World


Thinking outside the box

The boundaries between masculinity and femininity seem to be blurring, for example, department store HEMA has opted to remove the “boy” and “girl” labels from children’s clothing and the Dutch Railways starts every announcement with ‘dear travellers’.The temporary exhibition What a Genderful World in het Tropenmuseum shows how gender is viewed over time and in different places around the world. Commissioned by The Tropenmuseum, Studio Louter developed two interactives and two films for this exhibition.


One of the interactives is a photo booth where the visitor is asked to pose male, female and as himself. By comparing the poses with each other, the visitor becomes aware of how stereotypically people think about gender. In the other interactive, which consists of a poll, visitors must give their opinion on certain case studies that relate to gender. What do they think about gender-neutral parenting? And must there be a gender-free toilet? The two films focus on role-confirming and -breaking examples from the music industry and the advertising world.








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