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Tropenmuseum: Stereotypen and ‘Zwarte Piet’

Tropenmuseum - Stereotypen en Zwarte Piet

How prejudiced are you?

Studio Louter produced two applications for the exhibition ‘Black & White’. This exhibition explains how ‘black’ and ‘white’ live together in the Netherlands now – 150 years after the abolition of slavery. It invites visitors to discuss this matter with each other and with themselves.


To get the discussion started, we created two thought-provoking games. In the stereotype investigation, visitors have to link sweeping statements to photographs of people. Who makes the most money? Photos of various men and women can be chosen from: young and old, immigrants and native population, fat and thin, with and without spectacles, long and short hair – you name it. In the end all data is combined and the application shows the general opinion. Is this a stereotype? Do we think, for instance, that men earn more money than women do?

Studio Louter has also produced the ‘Zwarte Piet’ game. The objective is to create awareness for the outward appearance of the traditional helper of the Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’ and to offer alternatives. This game enables visitors to create their ‘own’ Zwarte Piet: male or female, white or black or green or blue, long hair or short curls, with tattoos or without – everything is possible. But: abolishing Zwarte Piet is also an option.


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