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TwentseWelle: Interactive dioramas

TwentseWelle - Interactieve diorama's

15 dioramas about the history of the world

For museum TwentseWelle we have created and realised fifteen interactive dioramas each focusing on a question about world history to create a common thread throughout the museum. The dioramas use a mix of media and techniques to make the visitor find answers to such issues as ‘how did the seasons influence life on a farm’ or ‘what are the limitations to science’. Sometimes playful, sometimes touching, impressive at times, but always unexpected.



Winner of the Gouden Reiger, Keying into the Brain media festival 2008: animation ‘Acceleration’. 
Winner of the Silver Screen Award, U.S. International Film & Video Festival 2009: animation ‘Acceleration’ .
Winner of the Silver World Medal, New York Festival for Film and Video 2009: Pepper’s ghost ‘Nature’ / ‘A child’s dream’ in cooperation with Dutch Igloo.


Content of the concept


1 3D animation

1 pepper’s ghost

2 spatial installations

2 animations

2 AV productions

7 interactives




Opera Amsterdam

Dutch Igloo

Raymond Thiry




  • Storyline
  • Content
  • Film
  • Interactive