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HDMZ Museum Zandvoort: 360° panoramafilm

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A timeless stage

People have been visiting Zandvoort beach for centuries. The beach was here when the first fishermen set out to sea, when Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her entourage visited, when the Germans built their bunkers and when the racing cars roared around the track. Studio Louter created a panoramic film of the history of Zandvoort and the changing seasons on the beach. The film can be seen in the HDMZ Museum Zandvoort.


In a specially built circular theatre, the story of Zandvoort will be brought to life in a spectacular way. Visitors will be taken on a 360° journey through time. We see how the beach and sea are always changing and yet are always the same. We get to see Zandvoort as a timeless setting for its ever-changing inhabitants.


360° panoramafilm



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