Zuiderzeemuseum: Mooi Samen

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Differences in unifying

Studio Louter has made four hands-on interactive installations for the exhibition Mooi Samen (Nicely together), on display in the Zuiderzeemuseum from 16 November 2018 to 5 May 2019.


Mooi Samen is an exhibition about associations around the former Zuiderzee and shows the work of photographers Koos Breukel and Sander Troelstra. They presented the diversity of associations: from show band to male choir, from small animal society to traditional costumes. Journalist Thijs Broer describes the personal stories behind the (group) portraits. The museum asked Studio Louter to add an interactive layer to the exhibition.


Studio Louter realized three physical and one digital installation. Visitors are invited to reflect on the role that associations play in their lives. Moving through different rooms, the visitor leaves answers to questions such as: at which association are you at? Why are you at an association? How do you contribute to your association? And what will be the association of the future? Historical context is provided by the interactive installations and questions.


By leaving answers, together visitors create an aesthetic image. As a result, visitors are not only encouraged to participate, but they can see each other’s differences in unifying.


3 interactive installations

1 interactive application




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