Concepts for museums
and communicative spaces

Belasting & Douane Museum - Herinricting

Exhibition concepts, storylines

Good exhibition storylines are characterised by a clear narrative, focus on the objects and magical means of portraying the key content.


In collaboration with spatial designers and the client, we develop exhibition concepts for museums, exhibitions and interactive spaces. In the process we always try to find the target: what do we tell to whom and why? It has to be possible to express the target in one sentence.


As soon as we have determined the target together, we develop a storyline. The stronger and clearer the storyline, the more creative its execution.


When the storyline has been established, we concentrate on its conveyance: what means do we use to communicate the various parts of the story? Where do objects suffice and where are other means essential?


In order to test our storylines, we force ourselves to answer three questions. Why does someone want to visit this exhibition or communicative space? What makes visitors want to stay once they are there? And what will they communicate to potential visitors? It is not until we have found answers to all three questions that we are happy with the storyline.


The Studio Louter exhibition concepts are characterised by a balance between story, space, objects and means of conveyance.