Pepijn Wilbers

Creative Partner, MA (1971)

Pepijn is in charge of the AV Department. As Creative Partner, Pepijn is responsible for concept development, storylines and oversees all film and audio production in the company. He has 20 years of experience in all aspects of audio-visual productions: scenario, directing and editing. Pepijn and Frodo Terpstra founded TWV Media in 1996, after having worked for an advertising agency for three years. He studied Social History in Rotterdam.

Dirk Bertels

Creative Partner, MSc (1972)

Dirk is in charge of the Interaction Department. As Creative Partner, Dirk is responsible for concept development, storylines, and oversees all software and multimedia production and interaction design. He has 15 years of experience in both graphic design and software development. Dirk has previously worked in advertising, producing websites, interactive campaigns, exhibits and software for major Dutch brands, international brands and many advertising agencies. Dirk studied Social Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam.

Barend Verheijen

Creative Partner, MA (1971)

Barend is the head of the Content Department. As Creative Partner, Barend is responsible for concept development, storylines and all content production. Barend has almost 20 years of experience in the museum world. Before he joined TWV Media (Studio Louter’s precursor) in 2000, he was an education coordinator for the Germany Institute in Amsterdam and a researcher for Clingendael, Netherlands Institute of International Relations. He studied History at the University of Amsterdam.

Franka Schaap

managing director, MA (1991)

Franka obtained her master’s degree in History at the University of Amsterdam. During her master’s programme, Franka already started working for Studio Louter as a content producer. Since February 2015, she joined the team of project managers. Here, she can put her organisational skills to practice. Franka enjoys Studio Louter’s projects particularly, because content, creativity and technology are combined in informative and educational products.

Juliette Lindhout

project manager, MA, MA(Ed) (1989)

Juliette discovered her taste for organisation and travel as a member of the History Study Association. After studying History, she not only went on to complete a Master’s in Political Culture and National Identities, but also a History Master’s in Education at VU Amsterdam. After travelling extensively and a management position, her penchant for organising won out against education. Juliette is therefore delighted she can demonstrate her organisational skills at Studio Louter as a project manager. Besides travelling, Juliette enjoys good food (cheese!) and music.

Anna Leeflang

project manager, MA (1983)

Since she obtained her master’s degree in History Anna worked on various projects, including some projects at the University of Amsterdam. From unlocking archives to producing historical exhibits and digitization projects. In 2017 Anna was responsible for a double exhibition in art history for ‘Special Collections’ at UVA. This triggered her enthousiasm in project management and that’s the reason she started working for Studio Louter in 2018. Anna likes to sing Ella Fitzgerald songs, she practices yoga anywhere in the world and she’s fond of travelling, especially to Japan!

Olga Ruitenbeek

Creative Director, MA (1981)

Olga started working for Studio Louter in November of 2010. As Creative Director, Olga is responsible for the creative and content part of many of our projects. Before working for Studio Louter, Olga was Assistant Curator for the Amsterdam Historical Museum. After having studied design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, she decided to switch studies to Social History at the University of Amsterdam – and quite successfully so: she obtained her master’s degree with honours.

Sjoerd van der Linde

Consultant, PhD (1979)

As Consultant, Sjoerd helps our clients and partners with project development, concept development, strategic and analytical research, fundraising, developing partnerships and setting up research collaborations. Sjoerd has extensive international experience in the museum, cultural heritage and archaeology sector. Before he joined Studio Louter, Sjoerd worked as World Heritage specialist at University College London and as assistant professor archaeological heritage management at Leiden University, where he obtained his PhD Cum Laude in 2012.

Denise Schipper

Senior Content Producer, MA (1988)

Denise already started working for Studio Louter when she was studying History at the University of Leiden. She studied ‘Migration and Global Interdependence’ for her master’s degree and when she graduated in 2012, she started working for the Content Department. As Senior Content Producer she is in charge of the team and responsible for the content of exhibitions, processing client input and writing scenarios.

Sarah van Kerkvoorde

content producer, MA (1990) 

As a public historian, Sarah takes care of the content side of our productions. From dilemma games and animations to storylines for complete exhibitions: she has furnished them all with a palpable story. While doing her Bachelor’s, Sarah carried out an internship with Studio Louter and then returned here after finishing a Master’s in Public History. Before that, she developed the storyline and text for an exhibition on women who had a relationship with Germans during the war, ‘Cut for the Enemy’, and collaborated on the educational interview project ‘War in my Neighbourhood’. Sarah likes watching costume dramas, provided they are historically correct, of course.

Eline Koning

content producer, MA, MA(Ed) (1991)

Eline behaalde de master Publieksgeschiedenis en sloot vervolgens de master Leraar Voorbereidend Hoger Onderwijs cum laude af. Tijdens haar studie liep ze met zoveel plezier stage bij Studio Louter dat ze na haar afstuderen terugkeerde in de rol van content producer. Ook in haar vrije tijd schrijft ze graag. Daarnaast reist ze graag naar ruige landschappen om te hiken of te mountainbiken en zoveel mogelijk culturen te leren kennen.


Arthur Wammes

Senior Software Developer, ing. (1966)

After he studied technical informatics, Arthur dedicated five years of his life to mathematics and statistics. Then he decided he preferred something more visual. Nowadays, he develops and designs interactive installations for Studio Louter. He still enjoys the fact that he allows people to see inside his mind by converting the figments of his imagination into program codes.

Tijmes Woudenberg

Software Developer (1976)

Tijmes is a real digital native. He acquired all his skills by self-study and love for the digital domain. For years, he worked as a freelancer producing online games and marketing campaigns. Now, he uses his experience for Studio Louter as an interaction designer, game- and webdeveloper to create interesting and exciting interaction. Apart from his work for Studio Louter, Tijmes loves to make music and paint.




Cas Spoelstra

software developer, BA (1988)

Cas studied Interaction Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. As a software developer, he focuses mainly on deciphering complex systems and translating them into transparent constructions. Cas sees himself as a true nerd and is interested in analogue hacking, new media prostheses and the origin of complex systems.

Anna Nogaré

designer, MA (1988)

Illustrating is Anna’s great passion, and she decided at a young age that it would become her profession. She studied Industrial Design at the Università Iuav di Venezia and has a Master’s degree in Communication Multimedia Design. Anna specializes in information design, and has lived and worked in Amsterdam for the last three years. She loves music and enjoys exploring the city. She has yet to buy a bicycle, however…

Bonnie Hakkens – Kirkels

communication manager, MA (1977)

As communication manager, Bonnie will set up a communications department at Studio Louter to show the world what it is that Studio Louter does. For over 15 years, Bonnie has been working as a communication specialist for several cultural and creative organizations. Beside working hours you can find her at the playground – as a mother of three children, you can not escape that – but also at the cinema, with friends at the table, at festivals and concerts.

Rosalie Konijn

controller, BA (1979)

Rosalie werkt al 15 jaar met cijfers, eerst als accountant en daarna als controller. Rosalie zorgt ervoor dat de administratie en de facturatie op rolletjes loopt zodat haar collega’s hun volledige aandacht aan de klant kunnen besteden. Rosalie’s missie is het verder professionaliseren van de financiële organisatie van Studio Louter. Naast cijfers is reizen een grote passie, vooral landen met ruige natuur en weinig toeristen hebben een grote aantrekkingskracht. Stilzitten is lastig voor deze cijferfreak, je vindt haar buiten werktijd vaak op de schaats, racefiets of yogamat.