Muse Design Award for exhibition design Rogier van der Weyden
April 18, 2019
We are rewarded with a Platinum Award for Best Interior Design for the exhibition Rogier van der Weyden which we made together with OPERA Amsterdam at the Mauritshuis. The fifteen-century painting the Lamentation of Christ was restored publicly in the museum. A life-size interactive touchscreen made it possible to get to know the painting down to the smallest detail.  
Studio Louter works on exhibition on colonial heritage
April 9, 2019
Together with the Mauritshuis, Studio Louter created the concept for the exhibition Shifting Image - Looking for Johan Maurits at the Mauritshuis. The exhibition examines the perception of the name giver of the museum and his role in Dutch-Brazil. A multitude of perspectives are presented in order to challenge the visitor to form his or her own ideas and opinions.
Studio Louter & OPERA Amsterdam maken familietentoonstellingen voor NMoQ
Emotion Design in National Museum of Qatar
March 26, 2019
The brand new National Museum of Qatar tells the rich history of the country. For the 1.5 kilometres long meandering exhibition, we created six areas for families along a so-called river bed: sheltered and with a place to rest and play. Together with OPERA Amsterdam we created the concept and design. For the production we collaborated with Kiss the Frog and Shosho. The museum, that rises from the landscape like a desert rose, was designed by award-winning Atelier Jean Nouvel and opens March 28. Read more about the project under 'work'.
Studio Louter werkt aan BRAK! Science Center
January 30, 2019
Together with various partners we developed the concept for BRAK IJmuiden, a project initiated by the municipality of Velsen and in which we will tell the most important Dutch story: the story of sea level rise. The climate center in IJmuiden, a project led by quartermaster Maarten de Wolff, is currently housed in a small temporary shelter made of cardboard, Wikkelhouse, but is gradually being expanded into a large science center for nature and climate. IT will not only have the function of Knowledge Center, but the future accommodation is also an attraction: it will be a circular, sustainable and zero waste building.  
Studio Louter and OPERA collaborate on exhibition design for the new Paisley Museum
January 25, 2019
The project is part of a grant plan for Paisley, a city east of Glasgow with a rich textile history, to become an international cultural hotspot. The museum has commissioned to be daring, radical and ambitious in creating the new exhibition design. Barend Verheijen of Studio Louter: "It is an honour to work with the new Paisley Museum and get started with our Emotion Design method to create a brand new visitor's experience, so the visitor really can be touched by the stories and objects."
Studio Louter bij MuseumDigit in Hongarije
December 20, 2018
MuseumDigit is een internationale conferentie voor museumexperts in het Hongaars Nationaal Museum in Budapest over het belang van digitale techniek in de museale sector. Barend Verheijen van Studio Louter vertelde over de Emotion Design methode van Studio Louter. Hij presenteerde de methode aan de hand van de ontwikkeling van de Mata Hari tentoonstelling in het Fries Museum en de herinrichting van het Rijksmuseum Boerhaave en liet zien hoe je een betekenisvol verhaal kunt vertalen naar een onvergetelijke ervaring.